Inside My Mind
Directed by
Nicolas Dozol
Lucie Gurtler, Florence Dozol, Jean-Baptiste Desban, Nicolas Dozol

Michael wakes up from a nightmare surrounded by his three friends, Sarah, Zach and Katie. They are on holiday in a mountain chalet. Michael is feeling weird, he's having visions. In the evening, a power cut occurs, then strange events begin.

Best Thriller Award, Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (Los Angeles, USA)
Semi-Finalist, Cannes International Independent Film Festival (France)
Semi-Finalist, European Cinematography Awards (Amsterdam)
Columbia Film Festival / Columbia Festival of the Arts (Maryland, USA)
Festival Cinématographique International de Montréal (Canada)
Kansas International Film Festival (Kansas City, USA)
The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (London, UK)
Golden Short Film Festival (Rome, Italy)
Cortomontagna Premio Leggimontagna (Udine, Italy)