Directed by
Nicolas Dozol
Loïse Dô, Rémi Gerard, Florence Dozol, Jean-Baptiste Desban, Charlotte Borius, Nicolas Dozol

A manager launches an experimental choreography that brings together various individuals suffering from mental illness. The dance quickly becomes a therapy that allows them to express themselves and to introspect on their repressed fantasies and fears.

Semi-Finalist, Tokyo Shorts (Japan)
Semi-Finalist, Cannes International Independent Film Festival (France)
Semi-Finalist, Berlin Shorts (Germany)
Semi-Finalist, Hong Kong Indie Film Festival (Hong Kong)
Open Screen Club Paris (France)
Jugendfilm Festival « Movie Day » (Switzerland)
Asheville Fringe Arts Festival (North Carolina, USA)
BOTA Sealy: Art and Film Festival (Sealy, Texas, USA)
Lift-Off Global Network (London, UK)
Open Vision Film Fest (Moscow, Russia)
One Earth Awards (Bengaluru, India)